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Top Tips to Save In Your Office

Printing is a critical function for any business, large, medium or small but it doesn't have to be a costly function. Lost time due to ink, toner or paper running out and staff having to leave the office to get more stock of printer cartridges can impact productivity and profit. Cartridge World is your one stop shop for all your printer needs and can help you to lower your printing costs.

  • Re-use & refill your printer cartridges - At Cartridge World stores our technicians refill & refurbish your printer cartridges and offer you up to 50% savings as compared to buying a new one.
  • Quality: Satisfaction Guaranteed - Our refilled & refurbished printer cartridges deliver as good as new performance and we offer a 30 day 100% money back warranty* on them.
  • Delivery - Convenience is only a call away. All Cartridge World stores provide a free collection and delivery service
  • Duplex printing. Where possible print pages double-sided, in effect you could halve your paper usage.
  • Proof read drafts before printing. Decrease margin areas to fit more copy on page.